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Models of explanation

Models who know already:
there is no question, only a direct answer, which is characterized by narrowness of vision and range

Models that search for an answer from a limited angle, and thus give a limited answer

Models that ask questions and try to find a honest answer, that search the answer in a broad context

#3. Wrong thinking 

Clearly, this model ask no questions; it already knows the answers: politically correct thinking is good. Whoever thinks otherwise is wrong and does wrong things. Thus, whoever does wrong things, has a cognitive distortion.

Thus: cognitive therapy to change the thinking.

#1. Behavior can be learned

Here, the explanation is not illogical, but a human is more than only behavior.

Thus: behavioral therapy to change the behavior.

#4. The dynamics of the human soul 

Here, at least, one seriously searches on the basis of respect for the human soul and its forces, the male's as well as the female's.

Thus: psychotherapy.

#5. The feminists' model 

Here also, one knows the answers before asking any questions. If needed, reality is changed a bit. Here we see a split in thinking: a woman is always good, a man is always bad.

There are only the offender and the victim. Learn to speak exclusively in these terms.

#2. Search for the conditions 

To search the conditions-before is not illogical, but one may not directly label these as causes. Moreover, by doing so, a lot of possible causes appear.

Thus: construct an offence chain and teach to avoid the first steps.

#7. The historical approach 

Here one at least let aside the narcissistic vision that only our culture should have seen the light and that former humans and humans with other cultures were only dull.

#9. The demonology 

Here is no thinking at all, let alone critical. One is blindly led by their own shadow side without knowing it.

#6. The biological model 

Searching for biological components always makes sense, but a human is more than a biological being; humans are also psychical and spiritual beings.

  #8. A social construction 

Here, the phenomena to explain at least viewed in a broader context. Things that happen in a society happen in a particular time era and should be viewed in that context.

Models worth to investigate

#10. An evolutionary model

#11. A spiritual model.

Start Omhoog Preparing Reading List Summary Models of explanation Scheme Literature