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Sexuality and Gender Identity

Subject: "Paedophilia and identity"

1*) Gieles, F.E.J., Introduction to a panel discussion on pedophilia at Alcmaeon, the Utrecht (NL) Faculty Association for the Social Sciences, 1997 
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2*) Gieles, Frans, Ethics and human rights in intergenerational relationships ; ‘First, do no harm’ ; In: Ipce Newsletter E 14, October 2002 
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3) Gieles, Frans E. J., Is pedophilia a mental disorder? Discussion in Archives of Sexual Behavior. Report; in: Ipce Newsletter E15, March 2003 
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4) Gieles, Frans E.J., What has got into those people? Personal Essay, 2002 
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5) Knap, Robin, Feelings and faith. 
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6) Ree, Frank van, Intimate relationships between young people and adults; Are there criteria for a positive experience? KOINOS MAGAZINE #24 (1999/4) |
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7*) Ree, Frank van, Abuse by Definition? The Taboo as Excuse; In: KOINOS # 25, 2000/1
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8) Rind, Bruce, PhD., Gay and Bisexual Adolescent Boys' Sexual Experiences With Men: 
An Empirical Examination of Psychological Correlates in a Nonclinical Sample, In: Archives of Sexual Behavior, Vol. 30, No.4, 2001
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9*) Read the 21 Styles of Living on the JON web site:
<  >, click on the English flag, read the text and click on "21 Styles of Living".

* Please read article 1, 2, 7 and 9 for preparation. (art. 1, 2 and 7 can be printed – art. 9 is easier to read on Internet).

Article 3 is more difficult to read. It discusses the issue wether paedofhilia is a mental disease or not. It is very good for more background information.

Article 4 is for those who want to know more about the subject. It can be read on Internet.

Article 5 is very interesting for those who have something with Christianity.

Article 6 discusses the same issue as article two. Interesting to read.

Article 8 is a very good background article.

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