Welcome to the web site of human-being.nl ...

... alias Frans, 

... alias Dr Frans E J Gieles, pensionable forensic remedial educationalist (orthopedagogue). 

This human-being, here writing and reading human, presents here the small translated part [*] of his Dutch web site, on two pages and a "New" section:  


Writing room Reading room What is new?
By doing so, I try ...

(1) ... to describe my profession, which is: starting and maintaining a dialog with the young nuisances and their parents and other care givers who want to be intimately and loving [**] with them; 

(2) ... to start and maintain the dialog with people of other cultures, in order to build a bridge, especially between religions, especially between christianity, gnosticism and islam - there, it people often say that God/Allah/The One in essence is Love [**] ... [*];

(3) ... to be the life-experiented helper of people who feel, in their words, love [**] and attraction for children, who want to be nearby them - without saddling them with secrets, who want to respect the law and who do not want to isolate themselves from society. Sure, sometimes things might go wrong, but start a dialog with them; one might learn from mistakes ...;
(4) ... to be a person in society; ... and
(5) ... to be, for a while, also a playing human in the section "Schaken/Chess".



Drawing of Martijn de Kleer, 
years '80 > 

[*] Regrettably, from section (2), nothing is translated.

 [**] Speaking about love ... my motto is ... 

"Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est.", 

Waar zorg en liefde is, daar is God.
Where care and love exist, there is God.
Donde hay caridad y amor, allí está el Señor. 
Tam gdzie milość jest i dobroć, tam jest Bóg. 
'Oπου υπάρχει φροντíδα και αγάπη, υπάρχει Θεός.
Opou uparchi frontida kai agapi, uparchi Theos. 
Tanrι her yerde vardιr, Tanrιnιn olduğu yerde dostluk ve sevgi vardιr. 
Ha'ythu hubb wa sadaqah, hunaaka Allah'u.
Harjaay delbastakah wa doestha, anjaa Choda.