Oedipal Rumble

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Many a book about developmental psychology discusses the 'Oedipus complex'.
The story became another one when I read in a diagnostic report about myself that an Oedipus complex should exist in my own soul - even a 'negative Oedipus complex'.
For a while, I was perplexed.
I have changed that statement into a question and I started to investigate it.


Introduction & occasion

Report of my quest  

Exploring my soul's cellar 

Mother's little prince 

Father sidetracked  

A dream: moving an aquarium  

The struggle with my father 

Three splits   

Bad luck for my mind 

Further exploring the cellar  

The Oedipal triangle  

Roles and relations changed  

To the bottom of the shaft  

An Overhaul  

Going on  

The myth of Oedipus

Oedipus as archetype  

Myths, the language of truth 

The figures of the parents 

The Sphinx 

The fairy tale becomes a myth 

From the literature 

Melanie Klein 

Classic article 



Melanie Klein's vision 

Ronald Britton: dyad or triangle 

First there is a dyad 

The importance of the Oedipal triangle 

The Oedipal illusion: an inner split 

The healing disillusion 

Michael Feldman: influential 

Long-lasting influence 

What might go wrong 

Edna O'Shaughnessy: the invisible Oedipus complex 

Too threatening 



What I recognize in the literature 

A self-repairing ability 

The 15-year kingship: illusion and disillusion 

A depressing start 

Parental figures and the triangle 



Start Omhoog Narcissism Oedipal Rumble What has got ...