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A routine diagnosis investigated 

Dr Frans Gieles, 2002


'Narcissism' is a routine diagnosis for people with pedophilic emotions. 
The newspapers report this on a regular basis.
But who will define exactly what this means; the courts, the general public, the participants themselves?
Because there are so many differing opinions this question needs to be investigated.

This is not an academic lecture about narcissism, but a personal essay. 
My investigation was a personal quest - and it was not an easy one.
Truth may be found and told. Only people who have gone through the depths of their own soul and who are able to be vulnerable, are able to help others.
Maybe, in this sense, a personal essay like this one can be helpful for who want to help their fellow humans.
In this sense you can use this essay and the insights it offers, but do not abuse the personal data.

*Translation by the author with the help of his friends.
Some quotations in English origins are not taken from the English text, but re-translated from the Dutch translations.

"Words from the heart are building blocks; they give a message and they prove it."

Korteweg e.a. 1996, p. 27

Table of Contents

A first reconnoitering 

Report of my quest 
A suspicion occurs 
Crumbling away  
Searching for the sources 
More insights - a score so far 

The myths 
Daedalus and Ikarus 
What I recognize in the myths 

A bird's eye view of the literature 
Sigmund Freud 
Anna Freud 
Melanie Klein 
W.R.D. Fairbairn 
D.W. Winnicott 
Fritz Redl 
Frances Tustin 
Bruno Bettelheim 
J.P. Hommes 

The most recent book:
Symington, a new theory
Saying No to life 
Creeping out of the cocoon 

What I recognize from the literature
The origins
The continuation  
The crises 
The breakthrough  
Two documents  




Start Omhoog Narcissism Oedipal Rumble What has got ...