What has got ...

... into those people?

Vorige Start Omhoog

My soul houses many feelings, among which also pedophilic ones:
children attract me and now and then also an erotic feeling creeps up.
What is their source?
Why is this a problem nowadays?
How might one live with them?
How might society live with this fact?

Table of Contents

What precisely is the question? 
What are we talking about? 
Why is it even a question? 
Law and morality 
Science and morality 
These are the two questions of this essay 

Models: ways of thinking 
1. Behavior can be learned 
2. Search for the conditions 
3. Wrong thinking or cognitive distortion theory 
4. The dynamics of the human soul 
5. The feminists' model 
6. The biological model 
7. The historical approach 
8. A social construct 
9. The demonology 
10. Models I miss 
11. Minding the p's and the q's 

The demonizing process 
Scapegoating processes 
Demonic treatment 
Acknowledging and constructively integrating 
Honestly looking into the mirror  
Other Authors 

Normal people 
Frits Bernard, 1974 
Loes Rouweler-Wuts, 1976 
Carl Huizinga, 1977 
Monica Pieterse, 1978 & 1982 
Glenn Wilson & David Cox, 1983 
Dennis Howitt, 1996 
Désiré Palmen, 2001 
Via the Internet 
An overview  

The sources 
The question 
The type of answer  
A difficult start 
The first crucial choices 
Pain and painkillers 
A small side room 
From the shadow to day light 
Choices made because of a lack  

How to live? 
Styles of living 
Parents and care-givers 
The four principles 
You are a part of society 



Vorige Start Omhoog